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In a perfect world, there is nothing between us but air. Actually, less than that. Tracing a through line from the pleasing angles of domestic architecture to the penciled contentment of horse girls, Kremer has arrived at the beginning. Larger than life bodies twist, suck moan, and grasp. Roling mounds of flesh are intimated by the range of hues borne of generous mama ochre, earth’s oldest known pigment; the color of all fleshes, bloods, and secretions, mixed up and smeared around with uncanny grace. Against a white backdrop-the anti-color of choice for contemporary art cubes-Kremer keeps his hand in. The watery sweep of his brush betrays the necessity of every bristle. There are no strays to his playful strokes, though once in a while they might lift a pinky in mock propriety before rounding off a perfect arc of piss.
In his smaller works on paper, pictogram cliches of friendly relations are cropped and zoomed to reveal unseemly seams: the messy patch of life where red and blue butt heads and become a bruise.
The green of envy, the navy wag of a civil servant finger … Kremer casts his kinder colors in adult situations that tremble with the frisson of possibility, spaces between bodies becoming ever more slight.

Philipp Kremer (b. 1981 Duisburg, Germany) lives and works in Berlin and Amsterdam. Philipp graduated from Universitat der Kiinste Berlin, Germany in 2004 and is a recent recipient of the Mondriaan Funds Bewezen Talent award (2014) as well as the Royal Dutch Painting Award (2013). This is his first exhibition with Galeria Nicodim.


The drudgery of creative professionalism. A mix–‐up in the wash. Your best black shirt now looks like the skin of an old bronze statue, weepy with corrosion.
There’s that jacket that makes you look interesting. Some tchotchkes on the desk. The obsolete deftness with which you made emoticons, now quaint as shorthand, or flag semaphore. Hopping from capital–‐to–‐capital, the same sleek wooden angles backed by a different iconic skyline at the best hotel in .
Thumbing through pictures of an old crush on your phone, some old notes from a previous “project” tucked away until they are of use again. Maybe it’s time for a new shelf, one that angles just so…. Of all the shelves being built in the world, surely there is one that is just right. Surely someone has thought of you.
There’s always time to rearrange the furniture; the fettered sticks that make up letters and words; the rows of images that don’t make a story.
Adrian Dan (born 1985 in Constanta, Romania) works and lives in Paris. Adrian graduated as MA (honors) in 2011 at Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts (ENSBA) in Paris. He had solo exhibitions in Paris and Bucharest, participated in group exhibitions in Brussels, Bucharest and Paris and is currently one of six researchers in residence atMarfa, Texas.
Chloé Quenum (born 1983 in Paris, France) works and lives in Paris. She studied art at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts (ENSBA) in Paris until 2011. She
has had solo exhibitions in Amsterdam and Los Angeles, participated in group exhibitions at Palais de Tokyo, CA2M in Madrid, and “Supernaturel” curated by Neil Beloufa at Fondation Ricard, and is included in Le Nouveau Festival at Centre Pompidou coming May 2015.


Galeria Nicodim is pleased to announce our exhibition with German artist Robin von Einsiedel with the opening reception on Thursday, January the 15th from 7-10pm.

With a view of a car park hitching a ride into his studio along with the sunlight, von Einsiedel distills elements of asphalt and graffiti to their frank material components: bitumen, the inky hydrocarbon sludge that when married to gravel creates paved roads–an early check mark on culture’s ascent to civilization–and spray paint, the favored medium of the displaced to record their own erasure.

Chinatowns from Los Angeles to Antwerp to Dubai attest to a creeping homogeneity of contemporary cities, though on his expansive canvases these materials drip, drizzle, suspend, and splash to form an altogether more ethereal stew… comet tails, newborn stars, bulbous charcoal storms, and the odd sexy dribble. Sketchy outlines of half-remembered childhood cartoons and stubborn bits of history are also caught in this cosmic goop, with Yogi bear and Velázquez emerging from the gravid pastel vapor to flip and dance their part in his Robin von Einsiedel (b. 1988) lives and works in London. A recent graduate of the Royal College of Art, von Einsiedel’s first solo show ZOO KÖLN premiered at Boss & Baume in London in 2014.