Galeria Nicodim is pleased to announce our exhibition with German artist Robin von Einsiedel with the opening reception on Thursday, January the 15th from 7-10pm.

With a view of a car park hitching a ride into  his  studio along  with  the  sunlight,  von Einsiedel  distills  elements  of asphalt and graffiti  to  their frank  material  components: bitumen,  the  inky  hydrocarbon sludge  that  when married to gravel  creates  paved  roads--an early check mark on culture’s ascent to civilization--and spray paint,  the  favored  medium of  the displaced to  record their own erasure.

Chinatowns from Los Angeles to Antwerp to Dubai attest to a creeping homogeneity of contemporary cities, though on his expansive canvases these materials  drip, drizzle, suspend,  and  splash  to  form  an altogether more ethereal stew... comet tails, newborn stars, bulbous charcoal storms, and the odd sexy dribble. Sketchy outlines of half-remembered  childhood  cartoons and  stubborn bits of history are also caught in this cosmic goop, with  Yogi bear and Velázquez emerging from the gravid pastel vapor to flip and dance their part in his Robin  von  Einsiedel  (b.  1988)  lives  and  works  in  London.  A  recent graduate of the Royal College of Art, von Einsiedel’s first solo show ZOO KÖLN premiered at Boss & Baume in London in 2014.

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