418 Contemporary Art Gallery

418 Contemporary Art Gallery was created in March 2008 by Dr. Joana Grevers, a Romanian-German art historian living and working between Munich, Bucharest & Cetate, Romania and Guy K. Williamson, an American entrepreneur and businessman. Our aim is to promote and to connect young, emerging artists from Romania to the international art scene and to represent already established key figures of Romanian-born artists, who had already been recognized on the international art scene and market.

Our first six years of existence were dedicated to the extensive promotion of young emerging artists, such as Cristian Răduță (a Bucharest-based sculptor), Anca Bodea (a painter from the School of Cluj) and Ștefan Radu Crețu (a Sibiu-based sculptor and installation artist), through solo-shows in the gallery space, external collaborations with other art institutions in Romania and abroad, catalogues and their yearly presence in the summer workshops from Druga Mansion in Cetate, South-Western Romania (www.cetateartsdanube.com). In the same time, we focused on the promotion and the increasing visibility of the already established artists, such as Romul Nutiu (1932-2012), the representative of Abstract Expressionism in Romania from the early sixties, whom we have promoted since our beginnings. Lately, we started a fresh and rewarding collaboration with the Romanian-born artist Sorel Etrog (1933, Jassy - 2014, Toronto), the Romanian-born German artist Diet Sayler (1939, Timisoara) and with Vincentiu Grigorescu (1923-2012), a Romanian-born abstract artist, living in Italy since the early 70s.

Our inclination towards abstraction and works in an expanded field is intertwined with the more classical, but still intriguing approaches of the figurative. Nonetheless, all our activities intent to create a solid and reliable profile of a Bucharest-based contemporary art gallery, in a fresh and emerging art market from South-Eastern Europe.


Additional Info

  • Adress: Intrarea Armasului, No.12, Et.2, Sector 1, Bucharest
  • E-mail: stefania.oprina@418gallery.com
  • Contact: Stefania Oprina - PR
  • Phone: 0747 480 630
  • Visiting hours: Monday to Friday 11:00 am - 19:00 pm Or by Appointment
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