Architecture, people and nature. Each unveils their own story, a story of shared cultural values, customs and sensibilites, a story about culture in a broad sense.


The symbolical dimension of culture gives coherence to human forms of expression and enhances human existence. Inherent to visual arts symbolic expression forms is the ability to speak about the context in which they came to life and, about those who it addresses, the society.
INSIGHT looks upon a number of contemporary art galleries in Bucharest. Through the artistic directions they follow, the way they communicate and through the cultural clusters they represent,  galleries speak about the city’s spirit. An overview of the selected galleries enables a better understanding of  the contemporary cultural environment.
INSIGHT. An Eye on Bucharest’s art galleries documentary features 18 galleries, each with a significant contribution to the contemporary art scene. For four month, we filmed and photographed a variety of events hosted by the 18 galleries. The galleries hosted opening ceremonies, painting, sculpture, object design and even street art exhibitions, video installations and video art projections, performance art, concerts and after-parties.

INSIGHT - The art map, is a printed outline of the documentary, and furthermore, an important guide for our city and its visitors. It has a unique layout designed by the team and includes short descriptions of the galleries, addresses and opening hours.



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